Who says dressing up is for kids?

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A blog just for Disney(and sometimes KH) cosplay!
Most of what you see here will be cosplay pictures, but from time to time, there will be videos, stories, and designs just waiting for someone to cosplay them!
Requests and submissions are always welcome. If you tag your pictures with "Disneycosplayftw", I am likely to find them!


Jasmine: Aladdin
Cosplayer: Moco Latte
Photographer: Aperture Ashley

Got my first set of photos back. I’m so in love with all these shots *___*

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We only have each other

It’s just you and me

What are we gonna do?

Anna: adreecosplays

Elsa: ryumori

Photographer: Ken AD

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Paypal upgrade?


Do any of you have a premier or business account with paypal? If you do, please tell me about it.

I’m wondering if I should upgrade to one because I sell quite a few items on ebay each month and would like to build up my etsy store as well. I mostly want to know if there are any drawbacks to this.

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Prince Aladdin and Princess Jasmine cosplay by LeleDraw
This is my favourite Disney character and I love his story.
I like to enrich my Disney cosplay and to put a personal touch in what I do.
Hope you like it ^^

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Some pictures from our humanized Aristocats shoot at Dragon*Con 2014. 

Photos by: Dead Vaughn Photography 

Duchess: Just-Watch-Me-Hachiko 
O’Malley: Geekupmybrain
Berlioz: Thetardisofbakerstreet
Toulouse: Grellotaku
Marie: Resident-Shota 

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More photos of my Fairytale Edition Ariel!
Cosplay made and modeled by me (misty-rioso)
Photos by NudeCarbon Studios

Check out daikon cosplay for more photos~

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My punzie!!! What do you think??


My punzie!!! What do you think??

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My Simba costume at DragonCon! Also featuring my pal Danielle as Scar. :)

A friend and I organized a group of ladies to costume as genderbent Disney heroes and villains this year. The Disney Princess guys were super awesome and let us hang out with them for a while!

Oh, and those are homemade bug gummies in the bowl. Soaked in vodka. ;) Slimy, yet satisfying!

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Anonymous asked: Kristoff men costume


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Brave Cosplay Help?


Does anybody know of a good quality wig I could use for a Merida cosplay? My skin tone pretty much matches Merida, very pale, but I need to make sure it doesn’t clash with my skin tone like most blonde wigs do.
Any Merida cosplayers out there who can help me out?

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Dragon Con Disney Pin-up group, photo by CosIT PhotographyAlice- Zoey’s EchoAnna- Uncanny MeganAriel- Pretty Lush CosplayCruella- MelanieFairy Godmother- AshleyMaleficent- BewitchedRaven’s CosplayMegara- KoriStarfireMerida- Amanda Dawn CosplayBriar Rose- Jillian LynnSnow White- Giddy Apple CosplayTinkerbell- Bubblesgal0reUrsula- Sweets4aSweet CosplayVanellope- Yours trulyWicked Queen- Jezzabellgem Cosplay, Props & Costuming


Dragon Con Disney Pin-up group, photo by CosIT Photography

Alice- Zoey’s Echo
Anna- Uncanny Megan
Ariel- Pretty Lush Cosplay
Cruella- Melanie
Fairy Godmother- Ashley
Maleficent- BewitchedRaven’s Cosplay
Megara- KoriStarfire
Merida- Amanda Dawn Cosplay
Briar Rose- Jillian Lynn
Snow White- Giddy Apple Cosplay
Tinkerbell- Bubblesgal0re
Ursula- Sweets4aSweet Cosplay
Vanellope- Yours truly
Wicked Queen- Jezzabellgem Cosplay, Props & Costuming

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Lane wore her new Flower Maiden costume to watch Festival of Fantasy today at Disney World. :D

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Princess Jasmine Cosplay photoshoot

(Costume and photos by me)

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@ Movies Carnival II , BKK. Thailand

(Source: facebook.com)

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