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A blog just for Disney(and sometimes KH) cosplay!
Most of what you see here will be cosplay pictures, but from time to time, there will be videos, stories, and designs just waiting for someone to cosplay them!
Requests and submissions are always welcome. If you tag your pictures with "Disneycosplayftw", I am likely to find them!


Hope this is helpful!
For full View click here: http://puu.sh/aOGUn/dded1dbaa5.jpg



Hope this is helpful!

For full View click here: http://puu.sh/aOGUn/dded1dbaa5.jpg

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Halloween is fast approaching!

Be sure to check out my etsy for some quality, gently used costumes at great prices!

The Jasmine robe has been sold, but everything else is still up for grabs.

I am willing to haggle!

Please direct any questions to my etsy account.

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Cosplayer - Lucrecia
Photo by Ekaterina Aleshinskaya
Country: Russia, Turkey

Cosplayer - Lucrecia

Photo by Ekaterina Aleshinskaya

Country: Russia, Turkey

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Ask Princess Ariel


My new ask blog is up and running! Come ask me questions about anything and everything! Love you!

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My Cosplay Page


So the last few weeks for me has been rather huge in terms of cosplay progress. I’ve made serious headway with my Elsa Snow Queen Cosplay despite it being very intricate and me wanting it to be a specific way! And then I’ve also finally made a start on my Kairi from Kingdom Hearts Cosplay as its one I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I’ve started with the keyblade which is turning out better than I could ever have expected and I’ve spent next to nothing on the construction (painting it is another matter!). I have ordered my material for Kairi and will make a mock up in the next few weeks!

I also have plans for an original idea using a dress pattern I found. It will centre around Frozen and my love for Anna but will NOT be any of the costumes from the film. I’ve taken inspiration from other cosplays I’ve seen but I think mine will be different once again!

I update more regularly on my Facebook page as well as posting potential ideas for future works - please visit my page and like!


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putting-out-vibes asked: HEY:) I recently learned about cosplay, and I would love to participate in disney cosplay. How do I get started? like what do people do at cosplays/how do i join teams/how do i discover cons? etc. thanks:)


In order….

You get started by picking out a character and getting the cosplay. You can either make or buy your cosplay, it doesn’t matter.

People typically just hang out and have fun in cosplay. At con and other events, you can watch/participate in panels, play games, compete in contests, etc…it’s basically a huge costume party.

To join teams/groups or discover cons, just ask around or google “anime coventions in *your city here*”. Sometimes you’ll find them where you live, other times you’ll have to travel several hours. Here is a handy list for finding conventions too. Right now it’s on a USA setting, but you can change it :)

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thelovewerein asked: Hello! I'm planning on being Ursula for Halloween, and my biggest issue is making my arms/chest purple... I've heard of this Ben Nye stuff, but was wondering if there's any other suggestions at a reasonable price for body paint/purple foundation.


In addition to Ben Nye, Mehron and Aquacolor are also good brands for body paint.

Something that might be cheaper in the long run would be to get some sort of a tight, purple shirt to cover your chest and arms, so you would only have to paint your face (and hands unless you decided to wear gloves. 

I’ve never actually used body paint before, so I welcome any suggestions from those who have :D

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Just finished the 10k. While we were running through DCA I was like what the hell is that moving pillar? Then I got closer and I saw Kronk with Yzma’s litter. Holy shit. Best costume award hands down!

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starlighthoney as Rapunzel from Disney’s Tangled

Made in 2011

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Squinty shot from Inside the Magic, but a good shot of the mics I made for us (best shot I’ve found so far). No good shots of the hats, though… I put their names on them. The purple/blue one is “Oingo” and the red/orange one is “Boingo.” Get it?

The bottom photo is an example of what we were doing. That’s the late Jerry Nelson with The Count. That headpiece is what we were doing. They sometimes decorate the headband and mic for their characters. We had a bunny for Jamie and a cat for me for the mics, and the headbands each had the Gemini symbol. Then hers had stars (Susan Test) and mine had moons (Mary Test). Jamie’s is purple because it’s her favorite color. Mine’s red for the same reason.

Hope to find better photos, soon. These are very special to me.

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Rattigan cloak commission complete! The customer seems pretty happy with it, so that’s good! :D

Purple cotton velvet cape with fur trim and decorated with handmade applique, gold chainstitch embroidery, goldwork and additional applique decorations. Additional decoration is gold and purple sari trim. Lined with red duchess satin and gold tassels stitched around the edge.

Goldenmochi Cosplay & Commissions

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Do any of my followers have any idea what kind of foam (preferably from Ebay) to buy to make Ariel’s clamshell bra? Like in this tutorial: http://elizabetholdak.tumblr.com/post/32552771014/hipster-ariel-for-halloween

Because I’m kinda lost. 


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