Who says dressing up is for kids?

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A blog just for Disney(and sometimes KH) cosplay!
Most of what you see here will be cosplay pictures, but from time to time, there will be videos, stories, and designs just waiting for someone to cosplay them!
Requests and submissions are always welcome. If you tag your pictures with "Disneycosplayftw", I am likely to find them!

'tis a sad day when a costume has to be retired, but it seems that I have outgrown my Rapunzel cosplay. It is two pieces- the bodice and outer skirt are attached and underskirt is separate. I'm asking $65 for it. If interested, I'll get the exact measurements. As you can see, I'm pretty small.

Oh, and the Vanellope hoodie I mentioned should be listed on ebay before the end of the weekend. I had several people ask about it and I honestly cannot remember all your URLs.

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#for sale  #evilplotting  #for those of you wondering the photos were taken at Mickey's Not-so-Scary Halloween Party  #Rapunzel  #personal post  #yard sale saturday 
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